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Health Insurance

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We believe that all Minnesotans deserve access to thigh-quality health care at an affordable price. We offer plans that cover preventative care, doctor and hospital visits, surgeries, prescription drugs, and much more. Whether you're an individual protecting yourself and your family or an employer covering your employees, let us help you search for the right health insurance policy. Our pledge is to find the best health coverage solution for you.




Individual Health Insurance

These days, health insurance is changing rapidly and there are more questions than ever before. At Crosstown Insurance, we pride ourselves on being a resource for up-to-date information within this fast-paced industry. Because we work with all of the insurance carriers in Minnesota, our experienced brokers can help you navigate through all the plan options available to you in the state. Do not miss out on the information you need to make an informed health insurance decision for you and your family. Talk to a broker today!
How do you know if you qualify for health coverage outside of the Open Enrollment period? CONTACT US today to discuss all your options, including the Special Enrollment period.


Small Group Insurance

Employers are faced with more and more regulations and reporting. We help small employers evaluate their company health insurance needs and assist in finding the right plan for their business and their employees.


Dental Insurance

Your smile says a lot about you! At a job interview, meeting a new client, or in a social setting, not being able to smile may be a disadvantage. Most importantly, poor dental conditions may cause numerous serious health problems. Dental insurance will cover the costs of routine care (preventive and diagnostic), as well as help you manage the expense of more complicated oral procedures. Whether you are shopping for yourself, your family, or your employees, we are here to offer you great dental plans.


Vision Insurance

Your eyes are working all day long, and they are usually the first body part to show signs of strain or wear. A good vision insurance plan will help you pay for eye exams, lenses, frames, etc.


Short Term Health Insurance

Between jobs? Missed Open Enrollment? We can still get you covered with a Short-Term Health Insurance plan. You will be covered in case of an emergency, injury, or unexpected illness.


Medicare Insurance

There are various enrollment windows in which to enroll in Medicare and choose a plan that fits your needs. If you are drawing Social Security, you will automatically be enrolled in Medicare. However, if you are not drawing Social Security, you will need to contact the Social Security Office if you wish to enroll.

Once you have requested to be enrolled in Medicare there are various decisions to make. What type of insurance plan best fits my needs and lifestyle? Which prescription drug coverage is the most cost effective for me? Does it cover all of my prescriptions? Our experienced brokers can help answer all your questions and educate and advise on all the options available to you during this pivotal time.



Whether you’ve lost your job, recently graduated, or are unsure if you and your family qualify to receive any financial assistance toward health insurance, our experienced MNsure Certified Brokers can help you find out what your options are.


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"Yalda Sakhi goes out of her way to make certain we understand all the information. She's responded by phone and email. She has the patience of an angel dealing with elderly clients. We truly appreciate her service."

Tess Moleski


“I was referred to Shawnee Christenson by a co-worker and have since recommended her services to several others. She was a great resource for me as I investigated a variety of medical insurance options. She took the time to gather information about my needs and wishes and my prescriptions, researched several insurance plans, discussed the pros and cons of the best two companies and their plans for me to consider, and spent as much time as needed making sure that I understood what I was purchasing and the ramifications of each choice. I am very happy to recommend Shawnee's services to anyone.”

Karnie M.

"We had a meeting with Yalda Sakhi at Crosstown Insurance once my husband became eligible for Medicare. We were overwhelmed with all of the options that were being sent to us. Yalda was amazing to work with. She listened to what was important to us in a supplement and was able to show my husband a number of plans that would be perfect for him. When I became eligible for Medicare she helped me find a great insurance supplement. Then we had her help my husband’s mother. Yalda helped her find a plan that saved her quite a bit of money monthly and gave her more benefits. We are very thankful for Yalda’s expertise help."

Sandy Hanson

“My husband and I attended a community seminar on Medicare Plans, hosted by Crosstown Insurance. Shawnee explained everything in plain language and stayed afterwards to talk about our needs. It was very informative, worth our time, and we plan on calling when it is time for us to choose a plan.”

Kathy J.

"Thank you for your help with my mother and her insurance challenges. I can now assist her in completing the process of changing to a comparable insurance. My mother has always spoken highly of Shawnee. I can see why she trusts your organization for her critical health insurance needs."

Bill B., Battalion Chief of Omaha Fire Department

"How did I never not know about Crosstown Insurance? I was recommended by a friend. Shawnee Christenson gave me great advice and directed me towards Gretchen Sanna - who carried out my Healthcare insurance needs with me. I can't say enough good things about my experience. Gretchen completely learned my issues, filled in my lack of knowledge, helped me make the best decisions and walked me through every step to completion. Now I will be going back for other insurance needs. Very professional, friendly and SO helpful."

Terry Isaac Linder

"I got referred to Crosstown Ins. From a good friend and she was right! I’ve had a very good experience with Krista, helped me understand and get signed up for medical Insurance!😊"

Lynnette Heine

"Krista Werzberger was outstanding in our struggle to find the right coverage for us with the whole Medicare offerings. Thank you Krista!"

Robert Kelley

"I cannot rate Gretchen Sanna highly enough! The first year, I came in with a list of specialists our family sees. She spent hours making sure that our MNsure policy would cover all of them. The next year, someone else was our broker, recommended a cheaper policy, and not everyone was in network. A disaster! I insisted on Grethen after that. This year, due to some kind of mixup, MNsure showed my daughter was covered but the insurance company had no record of her. Gretchen made countless phone calls, followed up, talked to supervisors, double checked, and did what it took to get things fixed.
She is absolutely the best!!"

Juli Thompson